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That creepy place underneath your bed where all the porn and Pokemon resides!

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I am a strange girl with a long list of quirks, liking, and -gasp- even fetishes. I love different kinds of subcultures.

I'm a firm believer in it's not where you shop,but how put it together, so I love to shop at an given store. Especially thrift stores. I love costumes and just clothes period. I am a clothes horse.

I am artist, model , and writer. I put all that stuff mainly on my Deviantart I also RP, but I RP as my own characters. Not characters that other people create, or real people.So don't bother asking.

I also read TONS of fanfiction, so if you write fanficton,then I add you,that's generally why. I am a creepy little lurker who rarely comments .V.V.